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Private Cloud

Private cloud provides benefits such as self-service, scalability, and elasticity similar to that of a public cloud. A private cloud provides a high level of security which reduce the interference of any third-party access to sensitive data. Private cloud computing resources are exclusively utilized by the organization that owns it.

Our deep experience of building private cloud & hybrid cloud will help offer a rich, self-service, multi-tenant cloud on your datacenter’s hardware. For the management of private cloud and datacenter, we are experts armed with years of experience under our belts. Our private cloud makes it easier for firms to organize and customize resources according to IT needs.

Datacenter Management

Now you can build your own software-defined data center with a system center suite. It seamlessly integrates with Azure. It helps data center operators to improve the planning and design of data center infrastructure and run efficient data center operations.


Single Tenancy

It means that the data of a single organization is stored in the cloud. Only one organization can use private cloud services. In short, it serves one customer at a time. Each customer has their own independent database which they fully control without any interference.


Self-Service portal

Empower collaboration internal and external of your organization by protecting sensitive information such as emails and documents with encryption. aCloud helps to discover, classify, protect and revoke your most sensitive data wherever it lives or travels with Microsoft Information Protection.

Our experience in implementing data protection solution in regulated or non-regulated industries will help you achieve your compliance goals.



In private clouds, servers and networks are controlled internally so in case of a failure there is no harm to the private cloud. Reliability is our top priority to maintain customers’ satisfaction and lessen the revenue loss caused by any kind of disaster.


Service Catalogue

In a private cloud, it gives the ability to the admins to have more control over the service catalog. It ensures internal compliance and administration with corporate standards. The end-user has control over the business and information technology-related services 


Privacy and Security

High security and privacy are some of the basic characteristics of a private cloud service. The resources on the cloud infrastructure are accessible by limited individuals which means that the data is more secure as compare to a public cloud.


More Control

Private cloud means that access to resources is restricted to one organization. Therefore, customized networks solution is formed as the arrangement and management of the private cloud is done according to the business needs. It gives you more control over the data and the infrastructure.


Geographic availability

It is a point to note that public clouds are sometimes not available everywhere around the world. So what can be the best solution? A private cloud is an ideal solution for such a problem. 



It is one of the most important reasons why every business is opting for the cloud. Private clouds are far more flexible than any other cloud. Because a private cloud gives an open opportunity to be molded according to the users’ requirements.


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