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We have witnessed organizations go through cloud transformation at its fastest pace ever due to the recent pandemic. Moving workloads to the cloud solves part of the remote work requirement but the security piece of it is often overlooked. Working from home poses multiple challenges to businesses and top on the list is identity management, endpoint management, and security. Saving data on a hard drive, pen drive, flash is quaint. Today is the era of saving crucial data and information on aCloud. This is our core strength. Our solutions will enable users to work remotely from home whilst staying secured.

aCloud ensures the security of your data and relies on robust cybersecurity measures. The data stored on files are encrypted which eliminates the threat of cybercrimes.

Some of the features of the secured cloud are:


Identity Access Management

Identity and access management (IAM) in cloud computing aims at securing the data by permitting the correct individuals to access the right data for accurate reasons.

We use Azure Active Directory as your one trusted platform to secure every identity in your organization with your partner (B2B) and company (B2C). 


Unified Endpoint Management

Using a holistic unified endpoint management approach is essential for enterprises to use to remain competitive for a longer tenure. Keeping devices up to date, Manage PC, Mac, tablet, mobile devices in a single pane of glass with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Keep your device secure and compliant wherever they are.


Data Protection

Empower collaboration internal and external of your organization by protecting sensitive information such as emails and documents with encryption. aCloud helps to discover, classify, protect and revoke your most sensitive data wherever it lives or travels with Microsoft Information Protection.

Our experience in implementing data protection solution in regulated or non-regulated industries will help you achieve your compliance goals.


Threat Protection

Threat protection solution secures the clients’ from malware, viruses, ransomware, or malicious substance. Detect, prevent, investigate, and respond across endpoints, identities, emails, and applications with Microsoft Defender. aCloud assists to provide the best threat protection solution to protect your valuable data.

Next-gen SIEM

This architecture is built to handle the massive amount of data produced by the organizations. Our solution collects and analyses activities all from your entire IT structure to detect threats, discover trends, and enable your organization to take action with Azure Sentinel. It is done in real-time and supports the economical long-term maintenance of the data.

Our consultants will share Azure Sentinel’s real world use cases and develop specific use cases based on your organization’s needs.


Many data breaches take place and it is a matter of great concern for any company. Cloud security solution protects the sensitive information from being tampered by any third party. 


Solutions of cloud computing security help the organizations to regulate efficiently with compliance by an improved cloud infrastructure to protect personal data. 


Secured cloud computing solutions offer high availability and support as your organization’s resources are monitored from time to time.


Flexibility is another benefit of the solution for the companies no matter if you are scaling up or down.


Provide your business
with an environment for growth

aCloud works to fulfil your corporate needs to excel in the field of technology and aids you to enter the arena of success. With our profound technological expertise, collaborative approaches, and agile methodologies have made aCloud an ideal partner for various businesses.